Favorite Things: European-Inspired

Apr 25, 2024

Enchanting Encounters: European Inspirations

Travel has a way of expanding our horizons, offering new perspectives that enrich our appreciation for beauty and design. On a recent trip to Europe, I found myself captivated once again by the myriad of aesthetic pleasures that each locale presented. From artisanal creations to everyday objects, I left feeling inspired to infuse elements of this elegance into my work. Join me as I recount the visual treasures and sensory delights that have redefined my love of artistry.

Beautiful Wrapping

As I strolled through the quaint streets of Venice, Italy, I couldn't help but admire the exquisite packaging for just about everything.

The attention to detail in the themes and variety was remarkable—a visual feast that I long to see more of back home in Chicago.

Who Said I Had to Pick One?

At Pâtisserie Béchard, the dilemma isn't whether to treat yourself, but rather, which delicacy to choose. From a millefeuille to éclairs, to a fraisier—each one is a masterpiece.

What's your favorite?

Glass Inspiration

There's an understated elegance in the simplicity of beautiful empty bottles, especially when they're collected together in various shapes and sizes.

This year, I'm inspired to incorporate this aesthetic into my styling.

Carparfum Signature Scent

Imagine my delight upon discovering an incredible scent for a car! Dr. Vranjes' Rosso Nobile is now my ultimate favorite, and I plan on stocking up.

Bravo to Massimo Bottura

Have you ever found yourself admiring dishware at a restaurant so much that you felt compelled to check the maker?

The craftsmanship of handmade in Italy dishware is simply stunning, embodying the art of living that thrives vibrantly here.

Massimo Bottura's impeccable table setting at Osteria Francescana in Modena left me in awe.

The presentation was not just about dining; it was an experience—an art form.

Enzo Ferrari Museum

The Enzo Ferrari Museum showcases an array of color choices that are as bold as they are beautiful.

Which hue captures your imagination?

The Art of French Pastry

Indulging in what can only be described as the best croissant I've ever tasted, Cedric Grolet's bakery is a testament to the art of French pastry.

Whimsical Lighting

I came across this lamp that was wonderfully retro and whimsical—a perfect addition with a touch of nostalgia.

I just wish I had the right pool house for it!

Murano Bulb

These adorable night lights from Murano stole my heart with their charm and craftsmanship.

What a fun way to light up the night.

Door Knob Elegance

Never underestimate the impact of a beautifully crafted doorknob. It's the small details like these that make entering a space feel truly special.

From the winding canals of Venice to the bustling streets of Chicago, beauty can be found in the most unexpected places. It's these little discoveries that inspire us to bring elements of elegance and artistry into our everyday lives.


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