The Bedroom as Your Personal Sanctuary

May 21, 2024
The Bedroom as Your Personal Sanctuary: Notes on Nightstands

Notes on Nightstands

We understand the significance of personal nightstands in your bedroom sanctuary. These bedside tables serve as a haven for your daily essentials, such as eyeglasses and tissues, alongside treasured possessions like rings and credit cards.

Beyond mere storage, a meticulously crafted nightstand elevates your nightly routine into a luxurious experience. It transforms into a sophisticated hub for your comforts and essentials, tailored to your unique preferences. For couples, individualized nightstand designs can reflect your distinct styles and inclinations, adding a touch of elegance to your shared space.

The Bedroom as Your Personal Sanctuary: Notes on Nightstands

1. Bedside Lamps 

Bedside lamps are an essential element in creating a luxurious and sophisticated bedroom ambiance. It is crucial to ensure that they are positioned at the correct height and scale in relation to your ceiling, headboard, and nightstand size. Choosing the right shade for your bedside lamp is key as it diffuses the light softly, creating a gentle and beautiful illumination that enhances the overall high-end feel of the room.

2. Secondary Lighting 

Elevate your bedroom with a custom headboard featuring built-in reading lights, perfect for late-night reading sessions without disturbing your partner. Enhance the ambiance with a dim motion-sensing light discreetly installed under the bed or nightstand, offering both luxury and safety in your high-end sanctuary.

3. Chargers & Plugs

The convenience of outlets and charging pads is essential in any high-end, luxury bedroom. We always recommend discreetly mounting plugs on the side of the nightstand and inside a drawer for a professional and sleek look.

4. The Tabletop 

Our standard recommendation for those seeking to elevate their bedroom decor is to opt for a custom glass top for the nightstand. Envision an effortlessly maintained luxury space, free from concerns over coaster-less drinks, melting candles, or accidental lotion spills.

5. Storage 

You may be better-suited for drawers than for doors on your high-end nightstand. For the book-stacker, a pull-out shelf can be a luxurious feature. Beautiful boxes can hold cards & less-fun mail, dog toys, your remotes, mementoes & miscellany in a professional and elegant manner.

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